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    Strangely Singaporean T-shirt Campaign

    The ‘Strangely Singaporean’ collection was first created in 2014 by Antoinnette and Stanley, the designers of the label The Little Drom Store. It was created to celebrate the quirks of the different Singlish phrases used in our daily conversations. Expanding on this collection, We’ve worked together with The Little Drom Store to launch this range of T-shirts in December 2016. This collection now features more than 80 Singlish characters from The Little Drom Store’s ‘Strangely Singaporean and Proud of It’ series. The T-shirts are all custom printed in Singapore at Independent Market’s in-house fabric studio located at Sin Ming.

    Working together with renowned photographer, Bob Lee, we’re launching a collaborative photography project in celebration of the launch of our online store. Bob will be continuing his “Memory Blocks” initiative by shooting a series of portraits featuring family members in the Strangely Singaporean T-shirts. We’ve kick-started the campaign with family portraits of the teams behind the project, including the Little Drom Store family, the Independent Market Team and Bob’s family.

    We’re extending the campaign to our customers and inviting Singaporean families to be involved in the project. Customers who purchase T-shirts for the entire family can stand a chance to have their family portraits taken. All you have to do is to hashtag #IMStrangelySingaporean on Instagram or Facebook, ensure their profiles or images are public, and they may be chosen to have their family portraits taken by Bob.

    If you’re interested to know more or participate in the project, you can drop us an email to