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    We have Kids Masks and Adult Masks available for sale in sets. They are suitable for:

    • XS: 2-4 years old
    • S: 5-8 years old
    • M: 8/9 years old onwards. Fits mainly teenagers. Only 5-10% of petite faced adults/those who want tight fit
    • L: Standard Adult size that fits 70% of adults
    • XL: Rest of adults. Recommended for Caucasian Men / people with Western Facial features (sharp nose / high nose bridge), plus size individuals and people who find regular adult surgical masks too small

    Kids Masks

    Kids masks designs are available in XS, S and M.

    Please state age and gender and size preference when making your order. If your child is on the upper limit of the age group, is above the average build of their peers, or non Asian, consider opting for the next bigger size and tighten the elastic for a good fit. 

    Adult Masks

    Adult Masks are available in M, L and XL.

    L is the standard adult size. Based on our customer feedback, 70-80% of our adult customers and some teenagers can fit 'L' size masks. Unless otherwise specified, we currently pack 'L' size face masks for all our regular orders.

    • M Size: 8/9 years old onwards. Fits mainly teenagers. Only 5-10% of petite faced adults/those who want tight fit

    • XL: recommended for customers who find regular adult masks available in the market to be too small, as well as plus size customers. We have also found based on customer feedback from our current orders that our non-Asian customers are sometimes required to size up for our masks, especially for Caucasian men and individuals with western facial features (i.e. higher nose bridge, sharp nose).

    ‘'M' and 'XL' sizes are available for all the Adult prints. If you require M or XL masks, please indicate clearly in the order notes the quantity, design and sizing required. 

    For non-Asian customers: based on sizing feedback from our all our past orders from non-Asian customers, we recommend sizing up for the masks. If you are purchasing for adult male members of your family, we recommend considering sizing up to the XL size. 

    If you require further assistance for sizing, feel free to reach out to us through these platforms before you place your order.

    Please note that we will not be carrying out exchanges for the masks due to sizing reasons, double check on your size with this sizing guide before you place your order.


    We offer both Adult and Child unisex T-shirts at our store. Please refer to the measurements (in cm) below for the sizes available.

    Please allow for 2-3cm differences in the measurements stated.

    Child Size Guide (in cm):

    Size 2:

    • PTP: 32
    • Shoulder: 26
    • Length (from collar): 33

    Size 4:

    • PTP: 35
    • Shoulder: 28
    • Length (from collar): 40

    Size 6:

    • PTP: 38
    • Shoulder: 31
    • Length (from collar): 42

    Size 8:

    • PTP: 40
    • Shoulder: 33
    • Length (from collar): 48

    Size 10:

    • PTP: 43
    • Shoulder: 35.5
    • Length (from collar): 51

    Adult Size Guide (in cm):

    Size XS:

    • PTP: 45
    • Shoulder: 37
    • Length (from collar): 57

    Size S:

    • PTP: 48
    • Shoulder: 38
    • Length (from collar): 57

    Size M:

    • PTP: 51
    • Shoulder: 40
    • Length (from collar): 57

    Size L:

    • PTP: 54
    • Shoulder: 44
    • Length (from collar): 64

    Size XL:

    • PTP: 56
    • Shoulder: 47
    • Length (from collar): 66

    Size XXL:

    • PTP: 58
    • Shoulder: 49
    • Length (from collar): 68